Sensotherapy & Weight Loss

Lose weight with minimal effort. Sensotherapy is a natural solution to weight loss with plenty of energy. All ingredients come from natural food products.

A common misconception is that reducing certain types of food will help individuals lose weight. The only way of losing weight successfully is to reduce the total amount of calories delivered over time. 1,200 calories are recommended because it helps the body to lose weight and it provides a sufficient amount of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins for energy. That is why "crash" diets with approximately 500 or 600 calories a day are not approved by the medical community.

There are new methods concerning the use of appetite suppressants as well as better varieties. They should be used judicially and according of the needs of the individual patients. The problem with appetite suppressants is that they do not last long. This is true for all appetite suppressants. A number of studies found appetite suppressant medications to be significantly helpful, but also clearly showed their benefit is limited and that weight is rapidly regained after the drugs are discontinued. Obviously we use prescription appetite suppressants when it is indicated.

A new and exciting alternative to appetite suppressants is now available, called Sensotherapy, which approaches the problem of being overweight from a different perspective. It is based on the observation that people are overeating not because they are hungry, but because they find satisfaction in specific flavors and the taste that food provides - flavor and tastes obviously created by different spices, sugar and salt. Providing concentrated spices, sugar and salt to a person drastically reduces their need for these ingredients and people consume much less food as they might do otherwise. Sensotherapy also involves special treatment of a food a person might particularly crave, i.e. chocolate, potato chips, soft drinks such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi, french fries, etc. This special treatment reduces one's dependence on that type of food so that they become interested in much healthier choices of food such as fruits and vegetables. Sensotherapy is based on natural food products. It is virtually free of side effects and is ideal for long term weight maintenance.

Benefits of Using Sensotherapy

For your benefit we have created an effective and safe product which would be very helpful in your struggle with weight. Please be informed that most of the products in our Sensotherapy pills are derivatives of food products. All of them are found in the grocery stores or health food stores.